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10 Best Sex Movies for Men & Women of All Time

Welcome to a countdown of the greatest sex films ever made about the small but preoccupying part of the human experience known as sex - from coming-of-age lesbian dramas to gritty portrayals of sex addiction to, erm, loincloths. Put simply: Meet slick corporate titan James Wheeler Mickey Rourke.

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He likes helicopters, cars, motorbikes, boardroom takeovers and having complete erotic control over submissive women. He was abused as a child, doesn't like to be touched, and in hardcore asian free every sex way possible he articulates the character template for Fifty Shades of Grey 's Christian Grey.

He even speaks in that same halting, slightly sick-making, so-pervy-it's- sexy yeah, right prose beloved of …Grey creator EL James. When she asks him what's mpvies, he simply smiles, super cool, half-winking at the boys in the audience, and sighs, "I just like watching xxxgirls net walk!

And yet the eerie prescience of Wild Orchid is not what makes it great, or why it is one of the definitive moments in the history of movie sex.

The 10 Best Sex Movies: A Countdown

No, the film, written and directed by Zalman King, demands our attention because it is the literal, and chronological, highpoint of Eighties Hollywood erotica. But Wild Orchid topped them both. For with its lurid Latin sex Wheeler is in Buenos Aires to buy a hotel, as you dorampantly fornicating locals and the suggestion that, if you opened the window of your limousine you were likely to get hit by flying spunk, it had mpvies edge on the competition. Best of all, mpvies boasts a closing sex scene Wheeler and Emily in lotus, shot mostly from above, sparing sex blushes so protracted and explicit it troubled the censors the film was originally rated X.

You know? Doing it for real?