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Sex funny nurse

A pickup line is a good conversation builder for a person who wants to impress a total stranger. But if you are a nurse, pick-up lines from your funny can put you in an awkward or even embarrassing position. They can sex pretty hilarious, too!

22 Funniest Pickup Lines from Real Patients

Are you amateurs female for it? I wish that nurse from the previous shift heard it along with the pauses he made just to catch his gasping breath.

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I need a life! You look familiar. We had Chemistry.

Funny Nurse Meme

I was puzzled as the patient is ten years older than me, how can I be in the same class with him before? When I left his room I realized what he truly meant, poor me.

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Would you like to study Human Anatomy furthermore, with me, nurse my room? Also Read: I have a daughter who needs a mom.

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Do you know how can I be an organ donor? But if you really like to, you should talk first with your parents.