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This movie is sooooo good. They do a great job catching you up with the story-line. I watched xxx yanomami girl television series and fell in love with the characters. I saw the movie and loved it!! My only complaint would be that it was a little long and not as light hearted and funny as the show was.

Couple Has Public Sex inside Wal-Mart after Stealing K-Y Jelly: Cops

Other than that I thought was fun and definitely a great movie for friends to see sex. This movie is awesome, I didn't know how they would take this show to the big screen and make it work, but they did it!

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If you loved the show your gonna love the movie. This was exactly what I was waiting for.

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The movie answered all my questions and did not stray from the show. It made me laugh and cry. Definitely a must have in your collection. Here at Wal.

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