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Seka nude gardening Dorothiea Ivonniea Hundley[2] [3] Scenes 15, [1] scenes known as Dorothea Hundley Patton, [3] is a retired American pornographic actress who began her career in the industry at age 23 and appeared in pornographic films from She was known as the Platinum Princess of Porn.

Dorothiea Hundley was born and raised in Radford, Virginia[1] having, she recalled, "a plain, normal childhood" with two siblings, a brother and sister. Hundley married Francis "Frank" Patton on April 21,a week after her 18th birthday.

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She and Patton divorced before she began her pornographic career in She described her entry into pornographic films, following her move from the East Coast to Las Italy nude and then to Los Angelesseka. I had seven adult bookstores in Virginia and Maryland that I owned. In the back of the stores at that time, you had the movies and you would have to loop the movies.

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So I would have to fix the movies when they broke and of course, I ended up watching a lot of movies. Well, I sex these ladies doing adult films back then and felt that was sex nasty representation of women.

I thought to myself that I can do it and do it better than that. That is how I came into the industry. Seka's early pornographic pseudonyms included Linda Seka.

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