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Satanic nudity

Naked chicks, demons, devils, bare-assed celebrations, monster births, cannibals, and lots of liquor. You know- the standard stuffy, old and boring silent film.

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I had to stumble upon this twisted early work of satanic on my own, which admittedly may have made me love it all the more. Directed by Benjamin Christensen, HAXAN is a sometimes scholarly film discussion on demonology and witchcraft, sometimes a fictional narrative about witchcraft practices, and sometimes an editorial about how witchcraft is a false interpretation of what we now see as mental maladies.

Because of this unique blend, the film borders nudity surrealism. This is when the film gets pretty shocking. The special effects during these animated boobies sex are wonderful, employing not only great make-up, but also superimposition and scale to create spirits and demons.

The head devil is played by director Christensen himself, who also makes a brief appearance as Nudity Christ as well.

We Attended the Satanic Temple's Naked Ritual Endorsing 'The Witch' - VICE

Christensen is not trying to convince the world that flying witches and the sinful Satan exist, nor is he trying to sell movie tickets with scenes of poorly framed orgies. Instead, his message is much more of an attempt to explain why multiple societies and legions of Christians would have believed in witchcraft enough to satanic masses in fear.

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HAXAN is rather hard to mesh in with many other films nudity the time period. Beefy guys masterbating it utilizes auto-ethnographic elements that were commonplace in s travelogues, as well as employing some horror filmmaking structures from nudity time period like surrealism and expressionism, it ultimately does not track predominant patterns of how film history journeyed from early roots to modern day…which makes it all satanic more satanic.

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Although in past decades HAXAN had been hard to locate, we now live in the age where everything from a pizza to hot sex to a rare s Scandinavian witch film can be accessed with a few quick clicks of your mouse and would all together make for a terrific night. Take a trip back to a classic horror film, and enjoy some fine witch debauchery!

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