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GreenbeltMaryland — U. Rodriguez is expected to be deported following completion of his federal prison sentence.

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Morant of the U. MS members and associates are required to commit acts dick violence within the gang and against rival gangs.

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As detailed in his plea agreement, Rodriguez admitted that from about Augusthe was a member and associate of the Salvadorian clique of MS Rodriguez admitted that on August 9,he and other MS members and associates planned and conspired to rob two individuals of a pound of marijuana, the sale of which would be used to benefit the Sailors clique. Specifically, Rodriguez admitted that on August 9,Rodriguez and an MS co-conspirator entered a vehicle occupied by the two victims under the guise that they salvadorian going to purchase a pound of marijuana from the victims.

Rodriguez and his co-conspirator were armed with a firearm and a knife.

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Upon attempting to rob the victims, and displaying the firearm, Rodriguez and horny porn tumblr co-conspirator became engaged in a violent struggle with the victims, who sustained serious injuries, dick gunshot and stab wounds. Rodriguez and his co-conspirator also sustained gunshot wounds.