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Sakura masturbate

This is a little lemon I wrote to try and get out of this sakura block I'm going through. This isn't my first time writing a story, but in this site it is.

Masturbation, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

It's also my first masturbate, or rather lime, so please be cougar wives naked. She sipped in her tea as she waited for her friend to arrive. She glanced at a couple that was sitting a couple tables away and quickly blushed as she saw them kissing.

That was an intimate moment and she didn't want masturbate intrude. It made Sakura feel a little envious, as Sasuke was going to be out of town in a mission for a whole month. He had been away for 2 weeks now and she missed him sakura. She wanted to kiss him again, to feel him caress her, she wanted him to make her moan his name, make her forget about everything, make her feel in heaven as she was wrapped in the most blissful of all pleasures as he made her orgasm, feeling so complete with him inside her.


She blushed frantically and laughed at her foolishness. She got embarrassed so easily, even if deep down she was so perverted. She could already feel moisture between her tights, God she was so horny, and tried to distract herself with something else.