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Russian little teens

Russian trolls targeted teens on Facebook with memes

One morning this spring, Sarah Blesener, an American documentary photographer, got a chance to pakistani teens fuck a school in the Moscow suburb of Dmitrov, where lessons in basic military training are available to students a few times a week. She was expecting to see kids in uniforms, saluting the flag and doing drills, much like the courses one might find in U.

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Instead she found a classroom of students, some little young as 11, learning to assemble and load Kalashnikov assault rifles. Out in the schoolyard, a safety lesson focused on the proper use of biohazard suits in the event of nuclear young slut fucking chemical fallout.

Through a series of speeches and teens decrees, President Vladimir Putin and his government have recently made this curriculum the norm across the country, offering adolescents a range of instruction in ideology, russian and preparedness for war.


In her photo series, Blesener focuses on two military summer camps for kids aged between 10 and The first one, held near the hallowed battleground of Borodino, where Russia fought the invading French forces of Napoleon inteens around battle reenactments and the proper use of weapons, ranging from knives to assault rifles.

Priests dressed in the robes of the Orthodox clergy presided over the latter camp, taking the campers to pray at pilgrimage sites in the mornings and then judging their competitions in knife fighting and marksmanship in the afternoons.

Putin Generation: Russia's loyal youth?

But in Russia this has become commonplace. With the outbreak of war in Ukraine less than two years later, that statement began to seem prophetic.

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In the past two years, that war has also caused a resurgence of patriotic fervor and nationalism in Russia, which has in turn fueled the popularity of the military youth camps that Blesener documented. More broadly, the levels of respect and confidence that Russians feel toward their armed forces has spiked since the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine.

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Little did the russian seem to encourage kids to admire Putin personally. And despite the focus on military training, the organizers of the camp never specified what enemy the students should prepare to fight.