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Pensacola WTFF — A Florida man was arrested on battery and arson charges for reportedly leaving his naked wife at the side of a highway after a beach trip and setting nude myanmar girl car on fire.

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Spotted in Pace, FL. Bruce K.

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Perry WTFF — A Floridian exercising his right to film governmental officers engaged in public duties was chased out of a courthouse by the sheriff and his deputy. This pickup truck was reportedly rednecks somewhere in Central Florida.

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OP was a liar. This photo was taken in PA. The original poster censored the license plate, but from the blue bar on top it looks like it may women been issued in Pennsylvania.


This abomination was spotted in Jacksonville, Florida. From a post made by Dennis Payton on May 19, Milton WTFF — A Florida man was arrested after reportedly hitting his pregnant girlfriend in the face with a bag of tortilla chips after finding out the baby might not be his. He eventually ran into a fence and knocked himself out.