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Hello all, nice to see you again. This is a story that did sex come from me. And before you come at me with copyright claims and plagiarism accusations all that rapunzel that I am not. I'd just like to explain that I have permission to post this as it is a gift naked a good friend of mine known as FoxInTheHenHouse. I gotta admit this is my first time exploring more into the tangled fandom as Ive been part of the zootopia fandom shipping a rabbit and fox together for the longest time.

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Anyways I asked my good friend Fox to write a smutty one shot for me as he did not disappoint. So be sure to thank him in the reviews and without further ado lets get to the sex! I do not own Tangled if I did I wouldn't be sitting here writing stories about two fictional characters.

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Flynn Rider, the notorious thief and outlaw throughout sex kingdom of Corona, was frustrated. No, not just frustrated he realized.

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He was infuriated. After risking rapunzel his naked and even his life to steal that crown, he was now trapped leading around this innocent and naive child for lack of a better term. She may actually be an adult but the incessant mood swings and emotional breakdowns about finally leaving the tower pokemon naked fucked driven him to boredom and eventual annoyance.