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Formerly of Hamilton-fame; currently taking over the world with his brilliance.

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Pie Boyvia Elizabeth Judd. November 21st, You probably know Daveed Diggs from his roles in Black-ishand the new film Wonder.

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Virginpainporn rapidgator Here, six more things you need to know about the rising star. Bring on Exquisite Corpse!

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Daveed Diggs says starring in the hit musical Hamilton opened a lot of doors for him, such as meeting one of his heroes, blinged-out rapper Busta Rhymes. I was an intern at the Hip Hop Anal Festival in Hip hop and theater have been happening together for a long time. The reason that Hamilton feels like such an anomaly for all of us I think is because the way play s work, you do a play, you have an incredible time, and generally nobody cares.

It seems obvious, but probably young it was long overdue.