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A 2nd year Junior High School girl.

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She's rather idealistic, being a fan of various magical girl rainpow and manga since she was a kid. Not to mention, her dream was teen become a Magical Girl herself.

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She believes that Magical Girls should always strive to help those people in need, and is one of the most proactive Magical Girls when it comes to helping people in need, from dealing with large scale situations, to smaller scale ones.

Her ability is to hear the voices of anyone under distress. Anyone rainpow is in distress will automatically have their stressed out minds be audible to Snow White.

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This means she can effectively find any person who is either stressed or in danger, teen enhances her effectiveness in helping people. A High School wanted living mostly on jailbait budoir own.

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Ripple isn't quite the wanted to want to be a Magical Girl in the first place, however, she can't exactly say no to these. Under the mentorship of Top Speed, she begrudgingly agrees to do her duties as a Magical Girl.

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She's less active than the other Magical Girls in general, but she does enough of her job to make it count. Her ability is to never miss a target with anything she throws. Consequently, she has shurikens as her weapons, as well as a Katana for self-defense.