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Breast Tissue Composition and Susceptibility to Breast Cancer

An year-old African Rad, menstrual-age girl is seen in the emergency department with rapidly increasing breast size, with the left breast noticeably larger than the right. She is referred for a sonogram the following day. The day of the sonogram, the patient has no pain and is not febrile. The clinical breast examination is negative for discrete masses, but the breasts feel hard, similar to encapsulated breast implants, with a foamlike, spongy consistency.

The skin and nipples are stretched taut, but famosas teeneger nude nipples are not displaced.

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Nude backs sonographic examination shows little to no normal-looking tissue. Homogeneous branching tissue is seen beneath both areolae with a positive Doppler signal. Ductal ectasia rad noted bilaterally.

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The patient also undergoes a left breast magnetic resonance imaging MRI examination that reveals a cm neoplasm Fig. What is the most likely diagnosis? The two most common indications for breast sonography are a palpable breast mass and the need for more information regarding a lesion seen with another method.

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Other indications for breast sonography include evaluation breasts dense breasts and areas of asymmetry not well visualized with mammography, evaluation of implant integrity, follow-up on either accidentally or surgically traumatized breasts, breasts serial sonogram evaluation of tumor size. In addition, sonographic guidance is often advantageous in invasive procedures, such as cyst aspiration, abscess drainage, needle girls, lymphoscintigraphy, and core biopsy.

With the improvement in resolution of sonography, there is a growing movement toward screening breast sonograms; however, sonography is not to be girls as a replacement for mammography.

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Sonography cannot consistently detect microcalcifications that are often an indicator of breast cancer.