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Pucca naked

Hay errboday hey everybody.

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This is definitely the most dramatic thing I've written so far. Hmm, I wasn't sure what to rate naked.

Let me know if you pucca I could get away with rating it T, yes? Garu stood in the middle of his room, shocked and unable to believe his ears. He swallowed nervously as his cheeks flushed and his eyes widened.

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He blushed further as Pucca tossed her long, silky hair over her shoulder seductively and then closed the distance between them by shoving her firm, voluptuous body against his.

He felt his tongue run over his lips malay clitori she stepped back and shimmied out of her black denim shorts, revealing the black, cherry-print thong she wore underneath. The years had certainly done her well.

Misplaced Face

Though as a child he was too young to see or care what an immense beauty she was, as she stood before him pucca stripping off her top, his hardening dick reminded him of naked exquisite she really was. Garu's breaths became ragged as he stared at the smooth flesh of her flat stomach and her ample cleavage now only covered pucca a black bra.

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Of course his first naked was to give in and start screwing her brains out, but his years of ninja training paid off as he restrained himself.

Garu blushed as she removed his shirt and began to kiss and lick his hard, muscular stomach and chest.