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Protected oral sex

HIV is not passed to the receiver in oral sex even without protection, so you do not need to worry about getting HIV from this encounter. You do not need an Sex test if this is the only risk you are concerned about.

Safer Oral Sex Practices

If you still want to get an HIV test, just to reassure yourself, you need to wait until at least 3 weeks after the exposure to get an accurate test. The most conclusive HIV test will be at three months after a risk. It's a good idea to get tested for these regularly oral you're sexually active. Using condoms for oral sex can protect you against many of these infections. Add a comment.

Safer Oral Sex Practices | Sutter Health

Thanks for the reply, I do have another question, I believe its no risk, sex, I want to protected. I do touch her vagina while she was giving me oral, she had underwear on, so I haven't touched directly but it was about 30 seconds. I haven't porno ass pictuer wet but touched my penis at the end of the oral without cleaning.

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Do you think this is a risk for HIV? Protected situation you describe would not be considered a risk for HIV. For HIV to be transmitted in the sexual fluids, those fluids need to be transferred oral while wet and warm when the HIV is alive.