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Shooting Sex is the eponymous semi-autobiographical work of Bob Carlos Clarke also this sex. With 13x11" glossy pages, this pro hardcover tome is about how to shoot on the theme of sex girl sunbath than sex itself or, as the sex goes, the definitive guide to undressing beautiful strangers. Clarke notes that "Eroticism relies upon a finely tuned conspiracy between the eye and the imagination.

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Born in Ireland inhe moved to a number of English public schools before finally finding his niche with photography, completing an MA from the Royal College of Art in It was during his time that he began photographing nudes, initially his fellow students, before moving on to models and strangers, selling the work to the likes of Men Only and Club International.

This led to his introduction to latex and, specifically, shooting women clad in it. As he would write in Shooting Sex:.

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While, in essence, he shot the fetish scene, he was not part of it. His fascination with picture perhaps reflects society more widely when he said:. Not shy to be provocative, this perhaps touches upon the commercial pro of that thin line between erotica and soft porn.

There's no doubting that Clarke stretched picture boundaries of latex in the mainstream and was particularly adroit in its use.