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Princess leia topless

Fisher, who died on Dec. Fisher disliked the outfit, the scene, and the symbolism of that moment; she was warning Ridley princess to let the babe pron pictures disempower her.

The 26 Hottest Pics of a Young Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia)

The slug-slave scene was so over the top that it can overwhelm the rest of Leia—and, to some extent, Fisher herself. Through the rest of the films, Leia is not a helpless sex object. Instead, Fisher occupied a range of personas and roles, quietly creating one of the least stereotypical and least constrained female action heroes in Hollywood history. Being a political leader means that Leia is kept away from front lines—at least some of the time. Fisher recently revealed that she had an affair topless Harrison Ford back in the day.

Amy Schumer Transforms Into Princess Leia, Goes Topless for R2-D2, C-3PO Threesome |

Perhaps Leia got to fulfill so many roles in part because she was virtually the only woman in the Star Wars universe during those first three films. Or perhaps Lucas and his collaborators, inspired by the feminism of the time or by Fisher herself were simply leia imaginative than most of their peers. In any case, through the Star Wars films, Fisher was both rescued and a rescuer, a sexy slave, an androgynous bounty hunter, an older matriarch, a scrappy rebel fighter, a seasoned politician, an action lead, and a romantic lead.