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Bogor Police, Commissioner Irwansyah mentions, in a Clara report to the Police on Saturday, the nude photographs happen to help her best friend Misly Safarini 23citizen Citeureup Bogor.

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Based on reports from Clara, Irwansyah explain the chronology up to the photo absorbing Clara that circulating in cyberspace and friendship networks account. Information obtained, Clara shooting naked using a mobile phone carried on dorm room in Kebon Jeruk Jakarta area. Clara willing to be seduced by her friend in nude photo because Misly.

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To the victim, Misly say, her former boyfriend Joshua 26has witchcraft disease. According Misly, Joshua could only recover if they see a pretty girl nude photos. Because ingested persuasion, and indo the heart to see friends who beg, sweet girl who is also a cheerleading captain was willing to pose naked. After photographed nude, Clara was given some money by Misly.

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Clara ordered that Misly not spreading pictures of herself to others. Found pretty picture spread in cyberspace, Clara also reported the incident to nude penitration Police in Bogor.

He mentions, on the reports of the victim, Police officers have requested information Misly that recognizes these photos belong to Clara.