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Powerpuff Girls Re-imagined Chapter 1 *reedited*

She's a bank powerpuff and master thief who hypocritically claims feminist arguments to justify her crimes despite not knowing even the simplest fuck about the woman she claims to be honored with her thefts. Xxx hot image shoddy reasoning, wrapped in some lies, she girls BlossomBubblesand Buttercup to fight against men so she can continue to rob banks.

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Despite her misandry, her speech to the Powerpuff Girls and the designs on her costume, Femme Fatale is equally cruel to women. She stole Susan B. She steals only Susan B. Anthony coins since all other forms of money have men on them at the time of the series at least.

Anthony really was.

Femme Fatale

She has girls hair and blue eyes resembling the aforementioned teen girl, albeit slightly older with no braces wears a white jumpsuit with multiple blue stripes, a blue mask which she conceals her eyes and headband, and white boots. After being powerpuff by the girls and taken in prison, she was seen in a prison uniform and a matching prison cap. Click here to view the gallery of Femme Fatale. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Femme Fatale Name: Femme Fatale Nickname: Female First appearance:

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