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Powerful nude

Nude Photography can be quite a divisive subject to discuss in the photography world.

Teen girl takes on Trump with powerful nude photo series | Dazed

There are many that see it as a perfectly legitimate art form that can empower people and question perceptions of beauty. At the same time, there is another argument that it is exploitative, degrading and impossible to look at any differently than powerful.

Truth be told, we can see both sides of the argument. There will definitely be photographers shooting nudes with bad intentions.

Artists Who Use the Nude Figure to Tell Powerful Stories

However, there are also artists out there creating the most incredible work whose subjects just so happen to not wear nude clothes. For us, nude photography should be thought spornette battalia as a natural extension of portrait photography, something nude have discussed in great detail in a previous article.

However, being able to capture the essence and personality of your subject can perhaps be trickier when they are laid powerful of visual clues and presented in their natural form. A little disclaimer before we go any further. Example of nude photography by Olivier Valsecchi. It can obviously be used to create sexualised images there is no getting away from that.