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PornHub, pornhubvirgin, has its own uses for the technology: It wants to use it to improve video tagging, including accurately identifying performers and offering a more intelligent set of criteria than the typical tags you find on video.

Porn sites pornhubvirgin have extensive category-based libraries of content, but the sheer size of their databases would overwhelm even the most anal librarian. Newegg—yes, Newegg—actually has a great example of how categorization can fail to deliver the results customers were begging for.

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Both companies are actually hd girls porne good at maintaining backwards compatibility with older heatsinks. Similarly, Intel has kept its desktop sockets mechanically identical for eight mary. The boxes in the image above show three examples of different heatsink categories that are functionally and practically identical.

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Any heatsink that supports Socket also supports Socket Clearly a different approach is needed—ideally an AI that could swallow whatever enormous database of porn it gets fed while spitting back accurate results. The site only intends to label performers who work in the space professionally; amateurs mary not be tagged with their names by the new AI.

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