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Polonian nude guitarist

Nude Pink, nail lacquer by Naomi Campbell - Nail Polish - Beauty

For a perfect manicure use apricot cuticle oil, essie base coat, 2 coats of essie polish, and seal amerecansex essie top coat. The nude nail polish I have been looking for for yeaaars. Soo easy to apply and perfect for my medium skin tone but would definitely suit a wide range of skin polonian. All time favorite, gives such a neat look.

I would buy this for the rest of my life. The name of this polish first caught my eye, and it describes the color well; when I wear it, I feel like I should be reading a good book in a cozy cafe! I adore grey nail polish, and I have heard this polish called a good "greige.

I never wear colors even close to brown on guitarist nails, except for this one; it's too pretty to pass up.

It is a perfect neutral shade that is work appropriate, yet also chic. The micro shimmers translate really well onto the nail, and add a great texture to nude color, without being too girlish. The formula seemed less smooth and a little more difficult to work with the second time I painted my nails with this, but it was still manageable.