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Pokemon lugia nude

Here we are again with a new chapter.

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The fifth one in this Episode and 25 more to go. Today's story was a request I've been holding back for a wwediasnaked due to the wish of the requester: He's been very active in helping me realize his vision lugia he had been very specific with and I hope I will do it justice here.

And for all you others, I hope nude enjoy it as well.

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This story, by the way will feature a character with very exaggerated features which I am normally not a fan of, but it was a specific request from the requester and I gave in for this time. I want to serve as many interests as possible so I might every once in a while write a story with over exaggerated features again if it is specifically requested.

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Anyways, this is today's story and if you enjoy it, please leave your opinions and possible requests in the reviews and give me and my content a favorite or follow. The Kabakas Islands. Well known for their beauty and tropical flair.