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Pokemon gardenia topless

Gardenia serves as the Gym Leader for Eterna City. Gardenia has brown eyes and short half-brown, half-black hair.

Mature Content

She wears a black long-sleeved crop top that shows her midriff under a green cloak with a black "X" mark in the center. She wears brown knee-length khaki shorts and a black belt with a silver buckle around her waist. Finally, she wears green boots with black laces. Although she has a bubbly personality, her past may suggest she's a lot more complex than initially believed. Her connection with the Old Chateau has yet remained a mystery. The player heavy metal porn meets her in Eterna Pokemonoutside of the mansion.

Her Gym is filled with plants, topless trainers that challenge her must search for, and find all of the Gym members before they can face her.

Gardenia (anime)

She battled against Platinum and lost, giving her the Forest Badge. She also gardenia in Chapter 4 where she attacked Pearl because she trained with Team Galactic. When Gardenia found out he wasn't with Team Galactic, she attacked him. Gardenia was attacking Hareta and Mitsumi at first, because she thought they were a part of Team Galactic. Hareta, then asked for a Gym Battle, but she refused, thinking that Hareta was still a beginner. Piplup, however, didn't agree with her and demanded for a battle.