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Persain nude dancing

Single dancers or groups of dancers represented on pottery from prehistoric Iranian sites e.

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Ghirshman,pp. Contenau, p.

BBC Persian 'flash mob' to celebrate New Year, Nowruz

According to Duris of Samos apud Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae Once a year, at the feast of Mithra OIr. According to Curt Sachs p. During the Hellenistic period Greek theater and dance were adapted to Iranian taste and traditions, especially by the Parthians cf.

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Plutarch, Crassus II, p. During the Hellenistic and Parthian periods the dance also found ample expression in art, for example, the terracotta figurine of a girl dancer from Dura Europus Rostovtzeff, fig. The Sasanians esteemed music and its accompaniments highly Christensen, Iran. Carter, in Harper,p.