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Penny fake sex

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By gwhhApril 7, in The Show. But another plot point is that Leonard tries very hard to please Penny in the bedroom and does not really live up to that task in that dept.

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Is Penny faking it in the bedroom with Leonard and he not doing as a good job as he thinks he is? OR fake Penny easy to please in the bedroom and it does not take much skill to make her penny there?

OR porno in cars Leonard take direction well from Kelly and he being told how to please her just the way she likes it and so that make Leonard in her mind a better lover them most of the man she been with?

But he must have been doing something right.

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She stayed with him for 4 years. Perhaps this is not the answer you are looking for but to sex sex it's not a game. I think sex cannot be generalised. It's a personal deal and experience.

I could speak about my own personal view on sex life from my own experience but to say what Leonard and Penny do in bed is a point of view let to viewer to be guessed and spoken about. Said that, if we long to feed in that direction a lot of speculations can be made.

Though it's not for me to say if Penny fakes it or not.