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Its small penises, too, as a matter of fact.

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It opened inand today showcases over phalli and penile parts in a collection that spans decades, continents and species from the land and sea. The sheer volume of phalli, most of which are carefully preserved in formaldehyde and displayed in Perspex cases, makes our own Natural History Museum look positively tame.

The museum started out as something of a joke, according to its founder, former teacher Sigurour Hjartarson. Some of my beastly used to work in summer in a nearby whaling station and after the first specimen, they started bringing me whale penises, supposedly to tease penis.

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Then the idea came up gradually that it might be interesting collecting specimens from more mammalian species. PenisHjartarson had 62 specimens, enough to open the museum in the centre of Reykjavik penis it remains to this day.

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It is now run by his son, Hjortur Gisli Sigurosson, a former logistics manager who gave up his job to run the museum full-time. Bustyteenhunter is all relevant at the Beastly Phallological Museum. In fact, the variation in size is cause for celebration here. The penises range from whales and bears to horses, seals, cats, hamsters and even mice — although standing next to the 1.

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There are also letters from men who fat girlsnaked promised to donate their appendages upon their deaths, as well as casts of the Olympic silver medal-winning Icelandic handball team, all of which are sprayed — wait for it — silver.

The museum houses an impressive collection of 23 folklore specimens, including an elf penis that is sadly, but obviously, invisible.

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A penis-shaped beastly, carved from wood and complete with affixed shade, is particularly illuminating. We regularly receive donations, mainly from abroad nowadays.