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Today we take a quick look at ten contemporary urban artists painting womenthe everlasting subject that has intrigued artists since the time they lived in caves. Some of them explore this subject exclusively, while others only visit it occasionally.

A Model Wearing Nothing But Body Paint Did Yoga Outside, And The Reactions Are Priceless

When we look at their work, it is clear that the common nude is the only thing they share. From those who emphasize sexuality, over those that explore sensuality and human condition babes their characters, to those that go deeper in the surreal.

Regardless of what you prefer, there is no doubt you will be amazed by their skills and their aesthetics. So let us enjoy the female beauty through the works of these 10 artists.


Using nothing more than spray paint, his elaborate babes surreal portraits painted painted large walls with high level of skill, captivate viewers, inspire joy, and challenge preconceptions painted fine and urban art.

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And nude is a reason behind that. His art, filled with emotion and drama, is a perfect example how street art can be grand and sophisticated. This became most apparent after he had moved to working on canvases.