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Original playboy bunny

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Love him or hate bunny, Hugh Hefner, the libertine entertainment mogul who died yesterday at the age of 91, created one particularly enduring silhouette: Hefner often professed to have sparked the s sexual revolution—and later funded court cases challenging state bans on birth control and abortion—but the exaggerated Bunny dimensions may prove to be his playboy enduring behind scene porn. Firstly, long and not overly plump legs were a prerequisite for all Bunnies.

Table Bunnies, as they were called, toned legs by descending and ascending staircases, balancing trays full of drinks, and working double shifts to make up for low wages, all while original three-inch heels—and dodging wanton hands.

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Yet the athleticism required to work at the club routinely caused Bunnies to lose weight, and being too thin kept former Playmates from being selected for future photoshoots. Pure artifice aided other Bunny staples. Intense corsets ensured a cinched waist but also created a fuller bust.

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I was sure it would be perilous to bend over. Indeed, the bags headlined a laundry list of materials used to fill busts that included cut-up bunny tails, Kleenex, gym socks, and silk scarves.

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But plastic, as Steinem noted, is also fraught with danger when it comes to the shelf life of a Bunny.