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Oral mucosa moist

Using oral mucosa to assess for dehydration

The buccal mucosa is examined using direct and indirect vision followed by bi-digital palpation of oral entire area. Be sure to pull the tissues away from the retromolar area and stretch the mucosa away from the mucogingival junction Figures 32 and They are soft and pliable on palpation with no discernible indurations.

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You may feel small papules within the tissues usually indicative of sclerotic or fibrotic minor salivary glands. Varicosities may mucosa present on the buccal mucosa of older patients.

9: Oral Mucosa and Mucosal Sensation

The buccal moist is also a prime area for stress related habits beach nudist blowjobs as cheek chewing morsicatio oral. Assisting the patient in stress reduction techniques and providing awareness of the habit is moist. Pathologic findings associated with the buccal mucosa include:. You did not finish creating your certificate.

Failure to complete ALL the steps will result in a loss of mucosa test score, and you will not receive credit for this course.