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Jump to navigation. InHollywood was saturated with slapstick. Sennett gave Chaplin, Arbuckle, and Mabel Normand their first breaks, and is arguably one of the founding nudebathingbeauties of comedy.


But Sennett was also responsible for the concept of the "Bathing Beauty"—and, by extension, filmic eye-candy as we know it today. Sennett first came up with the idea of the Bathing Beauties inwhen he was desperate for a way to differentiate his Keystone comedies from the rest of the oversaturated laugh market.

Nudebathingbeauties had a raft of press agents, but they were running a losing nudebathingbeauties in getting special notice in the papers. But one day, while reading the daily newspaper, Sennett had nudebathingbeauties epiphany: The way to get Keystone pictures extra notice, Sennet thought, was a healthy dose of knee nudity.

Hollywood’s Bathing Beauties | Lapham’s Quarterly

The producer put his underlinings to work scouting the area for pretty girls, with particular attention to the look of the bare leg. Instead, Sennett posed them next to his star comedians and sent the photos off to the press, knowing that the spectacle of the pretty girls and their pretty knees would give his stars the extra coverage they needed. Given their heather nake tdi success, Sennett decided to exploit them onscreen.