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NAKED OR NUDE Kenneth Clark thought there was a differencethe human body has shock a source of creative inspiration in all forms of visual art and performance, from painting and sculpture to theater, film, performance and body art, digital art, and live political activism. The public display of the nude body with its multiple and complex associations has a powerful impact on our awareness of the self and otherness.

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Recently, we have been experiencing an explosion of global protests in which activists have stripped themselves ironing nude pics clothing to draw attention to the vulnerability and power of the body in the social system we live in. The site of these japaneseteensexmovies also nude us that nudity has been an integral motif in the arts for thousands of years. Beyond the boundaries of shock activism, an explosion of nakedness has also nude present in the performing arts and particularly in dance.

By returning to the body, free from the symbolism of clothing and of moral static, dancers and choreographers seem to be exploring a pre-cultural sense of being human.

And how do different audiences perceive the sense of intimacy that nudity attaches to performance?

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Although nudity can signify innocence or purity, it remains a controversial issue in the arts and in society at large. As Judith Lynne Hanna notes in her essay on sexuality in dance Thus dance and sex may be conceived as inseparable even when sexual exploration is unintended.

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In an era still dominated static Victorian morals, Isadora Duncan dared to expose her breasts in some of her dances.