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Nude photo rating

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Nude photography is sensitive in nature for many reasons and a few these reasons are. There is a thin line rating artistic nude photography and porn which can be a bit disturbing to some viewers.

A Beginners Guide To Nude Photography

Atk ebony vivian is all open to interpretation of the viewer of course but some individuals are not as open-minded as others. As a result of this, you find viewers who may see the artistic intention through your image and those who may just see a photograph of a slightly nude or completely nude person.


In this article, we will be exploring how you go about executing a successful nude photography session as well as few things to do and a few things not to do. When it comes to certain kinds of photography, the rules of nude go out photo the window.

X Rated Pics

This is the right time to get creative especially when it comes to your colors and tones rating your image. One of the best ways to play with the colors of your image is to adjust the Camera Calibration section in Lightroom as well as the Split Toning Panel.

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When it comes to the Camera Calibration Section, you can adjust the Blue Primary Hue to achieve some really great effects especially when it comes to skin tones. Same does with the Split Toning Panel. One of the best effects to get a cinematic looking image is to apply a warm tone to your hightlights and a nice desaturated blue to the shadows.

Photo will create a instant classic!