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Dear All. Nagaland am now in Goa on the western coast of India.

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Over the last 2 weeks, I have gotten from exotic Assam to colourful Nagaland, nude tution teachers then pass through messy, dirty Kolkata no nagaland Mother Theresa was there.

I have uploaded over 60 photos of my Nagaland trip including the most amazing and nude Hornbill Festival simply very National Geographic!

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Do check them out at http: Facing them were warriors of a rival clan, looking every bit as menacing as them, especially with the wild boar tasks perched on their nude, which was topped by a hornbill feather.

Hung around the neck of some of these warriors were necklaces with metal carvings of the human head. Some had one, others two or more.

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The metal carving might look a bit cartoonish, but it represented the number of human heads that warrior had taken in his life. It was only with the taking of a head that one completely removed the soul of the enemy and more importantly, the way a Naga warrior could prove his worth.