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Nude motor show

Well, we kinda expected this.

Sitting pretty: The naked truth behind motor show models

The Motor government has reprimanded the organizers of the Chengdu Auto Show for allowing too much female flesh on the floor, the same thing happened in Beijing in April. Fortunately for the organizers the government only acted after the show was already over, but they will have to be careful next year.

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This hottie is 23 years old, born and raised in China, model since 16, cm tall, 50kg heavy. Career nude What a difference one year can make! Pretty and all, but how does she compare to Shi Lulu sexy old posters Gan Lulu?

Rewind: Motor Shows in ’70s were all about almost naked models and cars too!

The exhibitionist exhibits were all foreign. The exhibitionist displays were all foreign. Cars are essentially the same product. Beautiful women are part of marketing.

The Nude Top Mitsuoka Orochi

Get show to it. Skip to content Well, we kinda expected this. Which car?