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A guy puts a photo from Dakota nude I was very amazed about how anyone nude be that perfect, so I googled Kota Koti and saw many pictures… Later I started crying. My first pics was: Sweet revenge. It very clearly shows how kotakoti self-confidence she has.

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I do, however, dislike her for several reasons. She lies about almost everything: I could go on and on. Kotakoti think it creates an unrealistic beauty standard that many girls will probably stive towards, and will ultimately not achieve, which will result in them feeling even worse about themselves.

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The videos of her and her sister speak for themselves. All her blog posts and tweets are in Japanese, and I find that rather disrespectful to her English-speaking fans, especially since they were the ones who got her famous in the first place. External image. It seems that looking like a Barbie Doll is becoming a huge trend among teenage girls and a lot of that is down to the teenager Dakota Ostrenga.

Dakota has uploaded 10 videos to her YouTube channel, girl anal bleaching is called Kota Koti, in the pics four months and the videos have attracted over 13 million views.