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Study of female nude - Glasgow School of Art: Archives & Collections

Depictions of nudity include visual representations of nudity through the history, in all the disciplines, including school arts and sciences. Nudity female restricted in most societies, but some depiction of nudity may serve a recognized social function. Clothing also serves as a significant part of interpersonal communication, and the lack of clothing needs to have a social context. In Western societies, the three contexts that are easily recognized by nude majority of individuals are artpornographyand information or science.

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Any image not easily fitting into one of these categories may be misinterpreted, leading to disputes. At all times in human history, nude human body has been one of the principal subjects for artists.

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It has been represented in paintings and statues since prehistory. Both male and female nude depictions were common in antiquity, especially in ancient Greece.

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Depictions of the naked body have often been used in symbolic ways, as an extended metaphor for complex and multifaceted concepts. The Roman goddess Venuswhose functions encompassed love, beauty, sexfertility and prosperity, was central to many religious festivals in ancient Romeand was venerated under numerous cult titles.

Depictions of nudity

The Romans adapted the myths and iconography of her Greek counterpartAphroditein their art and literature. In the later female tradition of the WestVenus was one of the most widely depicted deities of Greco-Roman mythology as the embodiment of love and sexuality.

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In gaint cock Rome, she embodied love, beauty, enticement, isreliporn, and persuasive female charm among the school of immortal gods; in Latin orthography, her name is indistinguishable from cute busty jailbait noun venus " sexual love " and " sexual desire "from which it derives.