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Jemima Kirke Gets Naked In 'Vice': 'Girls' Star Talks Doing Drugs, Disses Lindsay Lohan (PHOTO)

Somehow, though, Sam Levinson, the creator and director of Euphoriafound a spark of life within that theme. His new teen drama, based on an Israeli series of the same name, premieres Sunday at 10 p. The Drake-produced show centers on a biracial year-old named Rue Zendayawho spent the summer before her junior year in rehab.

Her best friend, Jules Hunter Drugsis new to town, and the two girls become fast friends after meeting at a party. Jules also happens to be a transgender girl. And lost.

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They just have a reason foreplay xxx gif nude it. Whether drugs be like their families, or their boyfriends, or their hashtag activism.

'Euphoria' Viewers Shocked by Sex, Drugs and Nudity in HBO Teen Drama: 'Not for the Faint of Heart'

As Rue astutely observes, the others in her community have their own issues, which fall along a spectrum of teen drama tropes. As Kat, Barbie Ferreira is a nerdy, horny girl who writes One Direction fan fiction on Tumblr and tries to reclaim some control over her body after footage of her losing her virginity gets uploaded to Pornhub. The delightfully cringey PEN15 is on Hulu. Soapy teen dramas of the doing such as Gossip GirlThe Nude and Friday Night Lights came equipped with a content doing plate by virtue of being broadcast network properties, as does the contemporary Riverdalewhich airs on The CW.

Euphoria is different.

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