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Nude desi tattoo

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Tattoos have become immensely popular in recent years. From celebrities to commoners, everyone is attracted to this new trend which is inspired by ancient body art.

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However, a relatively new craze of eyeball tattoo appears to be the latest and the most extreme of them all. Nude new fad is scary rather than stylish but a Delhi-based tattoo artist and piercer, Karan became the first Indian to get his eyeballs tattooed.

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The eyeball tattoo is also known as sclera tattoo and in this procedure, the colour tattoo injected into the white portion of the eyeballs paulina sucks cock needles and the change is permanent. It is scarier than you think. This tattoo desi made it to the news recently after a Canadian model tried doing it which went wrong and she ended up partially blind. Nothing can stop you from manifesting your vision into reality.

The Delhi artist, however, didn't care about the risks.

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He got it done at a tattoo studio in New York by an Australian tattoo artist, who 'invented' eyeball tattooing, Karan said.