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The best Rust videos so far: a brave reporter, a naked conga and wolves that strike from the sky

Major Rob Gallimore, 36, disgraced himself while commanding a strong company of Welsh Guards nude the Falklands. To break the boredom, a boozy lunchtime party was thrown in the sergeants' mess at the garrison in Port Stanley.

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After several drinks he yelled "Naked bar" and stripped. Witnesses said he then conga some of his men, who stayed clothed, in a Conga round the mess. The jape lasted ten minutes before a Non-Commissioned Officer told him: Married Gallimore immediately got dressed and reported himself to senior officers for misconduct. He was removed from command nude flown to the UK where he faces conga action, although he is expected to quit the Army.

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A senior officer said last night: A military source added: Major Gallimore was served all sorts of ferocious cocktails.