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What Color Is Nude?

M ichelle Obama must be used to causing a stir with her frocks. But she could not have known when she chose a floorlength gown in a lovely shade color — well, let's just pass over that for the moment — to meet the Indian prime minister last November, the furore that would follow.

The dress was described by its designer Naeem Khan as a "sterling-silver sequin, abstract floral, nude strapless gown". Associated Press said it was "flesh-coloured", the colour of Obama's own flesh notwithstanding.

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Now AP appears to have revised that description to "champagne", an act that has triggered debate about fashion's use of the word "nude". For whom? To anyone who reads fashion magazines these terms will be familiar.

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InStyle magazine goes as far as to say that nude is the new black: Editor Lorraine Candy says there is nothing wrong with this. It's white nude, not black nude, but sex man nu not the colour of my skin either.

I'm see-through white.

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With someone as powerful and amazing as Michelle ObamaI think it's the wrong thing to get worked up about. The problem is that the language of fashion has form in this regard. Beading, fringing and animal prints are routinely color as evidence of a nude trend though that is a word Candy says she crosses out whenever nude sees it.