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The Bunny Game is not a film in the conventional nude of the blacksexnude. All they had was a goal: To that end, they succeeded. Jittery close-ups are balanced by carefully-composed long shots, creating a nightmarish rollicking pace.

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The Bunny Game might also earn the distinction of being a snuff film. Everything onscreen, aside from game drug use, is entirely real and unscripted. Getsic fasted for 40 days prior to shooting and is mentally and physically fragile because of it.

[BD Review] ‘The Bunny Game’ Doesn’t Play Nice

The movie blurs the line between fiction and reality and will be repellant to many people. Despite what Rehmeier and Getsic assert and they do haydn porter naked oftenThe Bunny Game is nothing more than a show of force. Conversely, Getsic is the indescript bunny. She leads a tough life full of rough sex and drug use and has no chance of escape, no power against her tormentor.