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I will be staying at Arenas del Mar in November.

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I just read that Playitas Beach is a nude beach. Does that mean full nudity or topless?

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I've been to nude beaches in europe but I think I would be uncomfortable at a nude beach, would like to know what to expect. Also, a reviewer of the Hotel Si Como No said that hotel shuttle takes you to a beach where there is a sign warning of fecal material and they saw fecal material in mariposa water. I read two reviews beach spoke of this beach.

What beach are these reviewers referring to?

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Also, what is the cause of this, is sewage dumped at certain place? The sewage going into the ocean on the main beach where Si Como No Shuttle takes their people is only right at the exit of the national park, there is a small creek the goes through some hotels and they the ones responsable for this problem. Let us know if you have any other question. It is just incredible Necolebitchienudephoto you so much for clearing this up.

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Women anal shitting husband and I made our first trip to Costa Rica in June and we had such an amazing time we are going back in November and bringing my mom.

I'm really looking forward to exploring more of the country!