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After the nude company repair man left that day, Aunt Diane and I sat down together and agreed to never tell anyone what had happened between us.

Voluptuous Aunt Diane Ch. 02

I was clearly upset that we aunt interrupted and anxious to continue our romantic encounter, but Diane Diane said, "Maybe you should go, so I can clear my head. I really need to think about what just happened. Please don't be upset, nude not your fault. Feeling her huge breasts press against my stomach was causing my cock to stir again, but this was fuck german women not the time to make another move, so I kissed her on the cheek and left.

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After a couple of days of almost no contact with Aunt Diane, I returned to the city where I lived with my parents. Although only about an hour's drive away, the city was very different from the slow, quiet town my aunt lives in.

Voluptuous Aunt Diane

I soon got busy preparing for my first semester of college, hanging out with friends, and chasing girls my own age. Aunt Diane was never completely off of my mind, though, and I really hoped our incident wouldn't change our relationship forever. About a month later, one week before I was aunt to begin classes at the local university, I got a call from Aunt Diane.

I was diane there would be some tension or awkwardness between us, but she acted as though nothing had happened, and was her usual silly, flirtatious self on the phone. She said that they were planning another trip to the river and that I should join them one last time, before I got too busy with school. On the drive to see Aunt Diane, my mind was working on overdrive.