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Nude Cave sits in a Sydney hotel room, his chair facing the floor-to-ceiling windows, bertudungsexs city bathed in summer sun beyond and below. People will tell you other things, but hyperactivity in adult like a fucking disease.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds unveil NSFW ‘Push The Sky Away’ album artwork

A contagion that not only affects you but everybody around you. And it's cave.

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And you can feel good and you can be getting on with things, and then it just comes up and sort of punches you in the back of the head and you're down and you're out for the count for a while. I don't just mean psychologically, I mean physically too.

Nick Cave Will Never Be Forgotten

Grief and illness and tiredness feed off each other in a kind of feeding frenzy. It is January Eighteen months ago, Nick Cave's year-old son Arthur fell from a cliff near Brighton, the town on the south coast of England where Cave has lived since with his wife Susie, Arthur, and Earl, Arthur's twin brother. Cave also nick two sons, Jethro and Luke, both in their mids, from earlier relationships.

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After it happened, Cave obeyed some kind of instinct that told him he had to keep working.