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I wanted to do something that would focus on the hyper-sexualization of women in video games.

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I proposed my idea to Sophie and she wanted to do something with me to address social justice. Read More. During the Summer Immersion Program, we had to code an mp3 player.

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When I realized that I could use code to make something I use every day, it made me braver. Before Girls Who Code, I never saw myself as a coder or an engineer.

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Girls Who Code gave me not just valuable coding skills but a valuable opportunity: Now, I see myself as someone who can take on a big industry regardless of the gender gap. I am a more able, confident, and litle teens porno girl with big dreams and Neket want to share that with everyone around the world.

Not only was I taught how to program using multiple languages, but I was given the girls to talk to neket who have successful careers in the field.

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I thought of an anonymous communications app where people can talk canada similar interests with no locations, names, likes, etc. I worked with a developer and also joined a Girls Who Code club because I want to be able to make something like this by myself. I canada believe coding is the language of the future.