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Print Article. Jordan Avery Erickson and Nathan K.

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The felonies carry a maximum sentence of 20 years and life in prison, respectively. The two men and another co-conspirator, Nolan Mullen-Huber, who has pleaded guilty to robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery, are accused of pistol whipping Terrel Fruechtl, breaking his nose and punching him several times in the face after Fruechtl was driven to Potlatch Hill by nearly teenage girls he pinky porno videos friends.

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On the evening of Feb. The girls lured Fruechtl out of the car, according naked testimony, said they had to go to the bathroom and left him alone at the edge of the hill when a black, four-door car drove up. He removed his teen, shirt and shoes, and turned them over. Physician assistant Ryan Wilson of Kootenai Health said the victim suffered a broken nose, bruising of his left orbital socket and a traumatic brain injury in addition to scratches and bruises on his face, arms and neck.

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Fruechtl said that after the cars drove away, including the BMW with the teenage girls, he retrieved his cellphone and climbed a tree so he would not get frostbite on his feet. I eventually found him.

The men were indicted by a grand jury after a roommate of one of the men reported to police overhearing talk about the incident.