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Nathalie kelley fuck

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Netflix's Dynasty reboot is raunchier than ever before, with the latest episode seeing the horny cast take their sex-capades to the nathalie level.

One naughty romp between Cristal Carrington Nathalie Kelley and her now-dead lover Matthew Blaisdel Nick Wechsler was caught on camera kelley the pair made a saucy home-made sex tape.

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The video shows Matthew rub his fingers over Cristal's lithe nathalie as she lays on boyshipssex bed in skimpy lingerie. Kelley clip then cuts to the pair writhing around naked as Cristal straddles her lover for the cameras. Fuck far, so sordid: Cristal's husband Blake Carrington Grant Show steals the camera phone that houses the sex tape before nephew Sammy Joe Rafael de la Fuente pinches the all-important object.

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But when Cristal's step-daughter Fallon Elizabeth Gillies comes across the clip, she leaks the clips online in an attempt to get back at Cristal for her illicit affair after her plans to become COO of her father's oil empire are scuppered. With original Dynasty creators Esther fuck Richard Alan Shapiro acting as the show's executive producers, it looks as if the Dynasty reboot is set to be as saucy and as sexy as the original.

But it may face competition to be the sexiest show on the box, with German import Babylon Berlin set to send pulses racing. By Kimberley Bond.