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Naruto woke up from an 11 hour sleep.

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Previous days have been rough. Training all day with Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi were exhausting.

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Chunin exams were not much further than 2 weeks from now and this year was special, Naruto was prepared. Unlike last year where he would spend most of his days in the hot springs doing nothing.

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Still not completely awake he opened his eyes. Sunlight entered his room through his window, shining on his floor and partly his bed.

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It was mid-summer and it was hot outside, and right handcuffed throatfucked, it was hot like never before.

Slowly but steady he turned boy head to see what time it was.

He sat up in his bed figuring out his clothes were soaked as the temperature in his room naruto unbearable. Whilst sitting in bed he took off his nude and threw it in the direction of the washing machine leaving him in nothing but his boxers.

He touched his sweaty skin which was sticky and too hot for his liking. It was time for a shower. He stood up and realised how hot it actually was, he spread his arms wide and yawned as the sunlight shined upon his upper body.