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Tinder in Iran - hitchhiking Iran with a girl I met on Tinder.

I lay in my sleeping bag, the cold from streaming granny sex floor rising up into my back and making it ache. It had taken four days of hitchhiking to get to Tehran, the capital of Iran and I was still getting used to a country where I had yet to see another backpacker. I pulled out my nakedgirlsofiran and tried to jump on Facebook.

Unfortunately Facebook, like dozens of other social media and networking sites in Iran, is blocked. I had accepted that Iran was going to be a very different country to any I had experienced before and expected to be taking a six nakedgirlsofiran break from sex, drugs and rock n roll. I had yet to see anybody drinking or smoking and, so far, the only girls I had seen had been hidden deep within the endless black folds of nakedgirlsofiran chadors.

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I had yet to even talk to a girl in Iran. I turned to Tinder in Iran… it seemed an unlikely prospect but I connected my VPN, curious to see if any chicks would be online. One was. Her name was Emse. I messaged nakedgirlsofiran with the best chat up line I could think of.